Software Development activity is strategic for DV Informatica operations, because of the possibility to respond to clients' demands with customized solutions. With important investments in employees training and new technologies search, based on the consolidated experience, DV Informatica is able to make to its customers the most suitable and cost effective proposals.


Design and development of web and client/server applications Software update and maintenance
Report development   Technical documentation
Data Warehouse design and development Users manuals
BI design and development User training

Representative activity/project list:

R&D: Chemical and biological database, robot data capture and analysis, pharmaceutical development and toxicology warehouse management
QC: LIMS and annual reports.
Clinical Research : clinical study management systems (Ethical committees,centers and patients, budget), medical documentation management systems
Drug tracking: data management, business system integration and XML file generation.

Development of Intranet portal to company software applications, Data Warehouse and Data Mining systems, Marketing systems and tools

    Software Tools and Environments:  
Operating Systems : Unix (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX), VMS, Microsoft, VMware
Database: Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL.
Languages: Java J2SE e J2EE, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Toplink, Html, XML, Css, Javascript, Asp, Visual Basic, VBA, PL/SQL, Application Express (HTML DB).
Software Environments: Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Forms e Reports, Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET.
Application Server: Oracle Application Server, Oracle Portal, Microsoft IIS, Jakarta Tomcat.


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