The solution of complex IT problems is not generally found through the simple development of a single software application, but often implies the use of heterogenous systems, which need to interact each other.

A similar situation can be found when a new software module is put in place in a context of systems already in operation. DV Informatica has developed a remarkable experience, implementing a number of projects of system integration in complex environments.


System customization Laboratory system software interfaces
Application customization Robot interfaces
Software interfaces Upgrade and migration towards new technologies

Representative activity/project list:

Integration and customization of chemical and biological management system
Chemical compounds data management system interfaced with laboratory instruments and robots
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) implementation in Reaserch, Development and Manufacturing environments, including customizations, reports, procedures and manuals, user training and validaton
Screening e high throughput screening software design and implementation in research environment

LIMS integration with business systems

Development of Intranet portals to allow integrated access to company applications

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